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A woman faces a lot of difficulties when she reaches the age of perimenopause or menopause. Night sweating, hot flashes, weight gain, mood swings, memory lapses, and water retention are just some of the annoying symptoms a menopausal woman has to endure for a couple of months and even years until her body gets used to the drop in the production of sex hormone estrogen.

Although all menopausal symptoms are annoying and irritating, water retention makes a lot of women very uncomfortable. Along with feeling bloated all over, women who are having menopause feel ugly, fat and inadequate because of their swollen limbs and body. What’s more, a lot complain about not fitting in their favorite jeans or dresses.

Doctors will often prescribe synthetic drugs to help relieve edema, which is the medical term for fluid retention. However, common medications usually act by simply stimulating the urge to urinate more. Most do not provide remedy for the underlying causes of fluid retention.

Treating fluid retention woes the natural way, one can always rely on expelis and plenty of water. Expelis is a natural-based treatment that safely eliminates excess water from the body without disturbing the levels of electrolytes as it contains magnesium and potassium, which are minerals the body needs to function properly.

Stopping fluid retention with regular use of Expelis will also result to weight loss. Hence, you will be able to wear your old pair of jeans or the sexy dress you bought before you had menopause. Lastly, this natural product also promotes the health of your urinary tract and other elimination system. Here are the ingredients that make expelis work wonders.

ExpelisDandelion (Taraxacum officinale)
Due to dandelion’s natural diuretic properties, herbalists have used its root and leaf extracts for thousands of years to promote general cleansing. In fact, naturopathic practitioners believe that this plant helps cleanse the liver, the organ responsible for metabolism and involved in digestion and waste elimination. Aside from its healing abilities, dandelion is also a good source of essential vitamins and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, sodium, and Vitamin A, C, B and D.

Uva Ursi
Native Americans have used this plant, which is more commonly known as bearberry, since the second century for bladder, kidney and urinary tract problems. Since the leaf of this plant contains astringent, antimicrobial and disinfectant properties, uva ursi can soothe and protect the urinary tract, while helping in inducing frequent urination.

Green Tea
Several studies have shown that green tea is an important source of antioxidants. Aside from this, however, green tea is also known to have natural diuretic properties because it contains caffeine. Studies show that you can lose about 1.17ml of water with just one milligram of green tea caffeine.

Buchu Camphor
Buchu is a type of shrub with a reddish brown bark. This plant has been used in South Africa as a traditional remedy for relieving bloating and gas; it is also used as a diuretic. In the West, the buchu plant is used for urinary tract and other bladder-related problems. The oil from the leaves of the plant gives buchu its healing properties. The main component of the oil is buchu camphor, also known as diosphenol.

Many people are familiar with parsley because it is an herb that many chefs and cooks all over the world use to improve flavor. Not many are aware that parsley also has aquaretic (raises volume of urine), anti-flatulent and antimicrobial properties. According to clinical studies, parsley is effective in expelling excess fluid without harming the electrolyte balance of the body.

With these herbs, expelis can help stop water retention and ultimately bring about considerable weight loss. Since it is made up of natural ingredients, using Expelis is safe and does not have nasty side effects.

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