Men Need Herbs, Too

Perhaps you are one of those men who feel that they need herbal therapies and medicines to boost their sagging energy, improve their memory, and generally enhance their overall health. But you may also feel that herbal medicines and the lot are only reserved for women. Well, if you continue to think that way, you will be missing out on the restorative and therapeutic effects of herbs.

There seems to be a misguided preconception floating around that herbs and herbal medicine in general are only for women. We have a tendency to ignore the unmistakable fact that men need herbs, too. Herbs have an equally important role in both men and women’s health. Imbalances in the hormonal levels usually are to blame for several of the physical and mental problems that are especially unique in males. It is fortunate that there are several available herbal medicines that can help a lot in alleviating these physical and mental health problems.

Our bodies are aging slowly but surely, and we are becoming physically and mentally debilitated as we grow old. In the process, our hormonal levels drop and somehow get confused. Natural herbs can be valuable in helping us fight these problems and add much-needed strength, stamina, vitality and oomph back into our bodies and our lives. Together with the requisite improvements in your diet and exercise habits, natural herbs can help in balancing the confused hormonal levels and bring back the balance to your body and mind.

The usual health problems that men suffer from include several health deficiencies that are unique only to their gender, such as sexual problems like impotence, reduced sexual drive, premature ejaculation, and even prostrate health concerns. Impotence is probably one of the most critical health concerns for men aged 40 years and above. Estimates range from 50 to 100 million males suffering from mild to severe impotence symptoms. Aside from this, several health issues such as heart, kidney, muscle and skin problems also trouble not only women but men as well.

Of course there are several synthetic drugs that men can use to combat these health issues, but the common dilemma regarding chemically-produced drugs is that the negative side-effects and concerns sometimes far outweigh the benefits of using these kinds of drugs. As a result, a growing interest among men for herbal medicines and concoctions to treat impotence has been observed. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since natural herbs have been used for ages to cure these kinds of maladies. Herbs such as Wild Oats, Horny Goat, Saffron, Ashwamedha and Ginger, to name a few, have been used by the Chinese and Indians centuries ago to treat impotence and boost sex drive.

How about those pesky prostrate problems? For low intensity prostrate tumors, herbs like Ginseng and Chaparral can be effective for treatment, while Echinacea, Yarrow, Dandelion and Marshmallow can be used for painful prostrate enlargements. Hypertension can be brought down to lower levels by using herbs like Catmint and Skullcap, while the pain from arthritis and rheumatism can be alleviated by Marjoram and Meadow Sweet herbs.

This is certainly not an extensive list of the various health problems that can be treated by using natural herbs and concoctions, but is enough to give you an idea of what these herbs can do for you. So stop thinking that herbs are only good for women, and start enjoying the innumerable benefits that natural herbs and medicines can give you.