Somulin Review – Does It Really Work?

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Sleep is essential in maintaining a healthy mind and body. A person may not immediately see the implications of chronic sleep deprivation on his or her overall health. But studies show that long-term effects of chronic lack of sleep can include diabetes, heart ailments, dementia, memory lapses and even certain types of cancer.
The most common recourse in treating such problems is popping sleeping pills. Then again, is this the safest thing to do? It is common to read in papers and articles in magazines that a lot of people experience adverse side effects with the use of synthetic sleeping pills, some cases have even led to death.

An alternative treatment for chronic insomnia or deep sleep deprivation is using plant-based supplements. somulin, a supplement created by PrimeLife Labs from all-natural ingredients, claims that it can help a person get much needed sleep. But to help better understand how this product works, it is best to look closer into its main composition.

The active ingredients in Somulin include valerian root, melatonin, skullcap, and passionflower. These ingredients were carefully chosen for their abilities to help promote better sleep and reduce stress. Add to that, the potency of the herbs have all been proven through years, even centuries of usage.

SomulinValerian is a plant that produces small fragrant white or pink flowers. However, the potency of this plant in making people de-stress and become calmer comes from its roots. Ancient Greek healers used this plant for a variety of problems, ranging from nausea to hysteria and sleeplessness. Nowadays, valerian root is more popularly used to help people with sleeping problems because of its sedative and calming properties. A double-blind study conducted in 1985 showed that 400mg of valerian extract helped improve sleep latency and quality among subjects who were smokers and insomnia sufferers.

Another somulin ingredient that is popular in treating sleep problems, particularly sleep disturbance and jet lag, is melatonin. This hormone, which is naturally produced by the body, is secreted at night or whenever it is dark. But the body’s ability to secrete melatonin is sometimes impaired when a person visits a place with a totally different time zone or when he or she works the night shift. For many years now, scientists have discovered the role of melatonin in helping people achieve restful sleep; so it is not really surprising to find that this hormone is present in many sleep-inducing drugs and supplements. A number of studies have also proven the efficacy of melatonin in helping treat jet lag and delayed onset of sleep.

Another active ingredient of somulin that is well documented as useful in promoting a good night’s slumber is skullcap, or scutellaria lateriflora. This is a powerful herb that has antispasmodic, astringent, nervine, anti-inflammatory, febrifuge, tonic and sedative properties. Native American healers have used skullcap to treat nervous conditions, epilepsy, hysteria, withdrawal symptoms, and insomnia. The medicinal value of skullcap is due to its scutellarin, tannins, catalpol, bitter iridoids and volatile oils components. A study conducted by DL Hoffman and P Wolfson in 2003 has confirmed that the flavonoid substances in skullcap are responsible for its anxiolytic and sedative effect.

Last is passionflower, which is widely used in Europe to ease anxiety and other tension-related conditions. In Germany, many over-the-counter sleeping aids contain passionflower and other herbs, such as lemon balm and valerian. Since most reasons behind sleeping difficulties are due to stress, anxiety, tension and nervousness, many herbalists prescribe passionflower for people who are suffering from anxiety-related insomnia.

Many scientific studies support the claim that passionflower is indeed effective in easing anxiety and related emotional stress in both men and women. In fact, there is evidence that using just 45 drops of passionflower extract daily has the same effects to individuals suffering from general anxiety disorder (GAD) as with leading GAD drugs.

By using these ingredients, there is no reason for Somulin not to deliver on its promise of restful sleep. Indeed, sleep deprivation is strongly linked to anxiety and stress, but using supplements like Somulin can give a person better control as to his or her sleeping habits and overall health.

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