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Home Women's Health Clevastin Review: A Big Bust? Surprising Findings

Clevastin Review: A Big Bust? Surprising Findings

Clevastin Review: A Big Bust? Surprising Findings Breasts play a vital role in human reproduction. The growth or development of breasts in a woman happens in separate stages in the course of her lifetime. As mammals, humans start to develop breasts even before they are born. But for women, their breasts continue to change particularly during puberty, menstrual periods, childbearing age, up until menopausal stage.

The changes in a woman's breasts are made possible, in no small part, by the hormone estrogen. In fact, the growth of the breasts starts at the time when the ovaries begin to produce estrogen, which is around the puberty age. Because of this female hormone, fat is allowed to accumulate in the connective tissues. Thanks to estrogen, the more fat cells are developed in the chest area, the larger the breasts become.

Some medical experts believe that heredity is a big factor in determining the size of a woman's breasts. They suggest that if a mother has size D breasts, chances are high that her daughter will also attain the same breast dimensions. However, years of studies have shown that a woman's estrogen level is the biggest stimulant that influences the size and growth of a woman's breast.

Based on these findings, a breakthrough in breast enlargement systems has been developed and it goes by the name clevastin. The unique and natural formulation of this product make it more effective and way cheaper than breast enhancement methods like surgical augmentation and other externally applied lotions or salves. But knowing how Clevastin works should begin with a basic understanding of what comprises each capsule and each droplet of gel.

Clevastin Saw Palmetto
This herb has been a staple in almost all imaginable breast enhancement applications available. In fact, for experts in the industry, bust size is synonymous with this plant. Saw palmetto is reputed to increase estrogen activity in the body. By doing so, increase in the size of the breasts is made possible. A dose of around 160 milligrams of pure saw palmetto extract taken twice daily is said to effect a sensation of fullness and rigidity in the breast area.

With this in mind, many women are wondering if they can just take this herb extract instead of buying expensive supplements like clevastin, which offers a combination of other ingredients. Well, the answer is that saw palmetto can not bring about desired results all by itself. It can only act effectively and with larger outcome when it is mixed with other herbs. Besides, wrong dosage of saw palmetto extract can cause nausea, vomiting, and even diarrhea; so pregnant or nursing women should refrain from using this herb in large amounts.

Black Cohosh Powder
This herb is used mainly to ease the symptoms of menopause in women. Black cohosh has this ability because it can stimulate estrogen activity in the body. In fact, this is one of the most important sources of phyto-estrogen, a substance that duplicates the functions of estrogen. Nonetheless, this is not recommended for women with breast cancer or those who are pregnant.

Fennel Seed
Fennel Seed has been found to contain significant amounts of iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamins A and C. For years, this spice has been used to stimulate regular menstruation and improve lactation in nursing women. Fennel herb is also a good source of phyto-estrogen substances hence it can boost estrogen activity and help enhance breast sizes. But users, especially those who apply it topically, should refrain from excessive exposure to the sun because this herb can step up the existence of burns on the skin.

Dong Quai
This plant, also known as the Chinese Angelica, is loosely referred to as the ginseng for women. And that is not without basis. For centuries, Dong quai has helped women deal with most gynecologic problems like illnesses linked to childbirth, pelvic pains, and even fatigue. It can also improve blood flow and has been beneficial in fighting high blood pressure and heart ailments in women. But on top of all these, dong quai is also found to have estrogenic properties and, therefore, can help stimulate breast tissues.

With these four ingredients, clevastin can surely deliver results. Four natural components that have been proven to help enhance the breasts are taken in one breast enhancement system, you can not find that anywhere! No more need to take second guesses in measuring the right dosage of herbs that can help you increase bust size, Clevastin has done all that for you.

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