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Lumnaskin Reviewed- Does It Really Work?

By Karen Robertson

It seems not a day goes by without another highly advanced skin care product arriving on the market, often promising revolutionary results and a solution to all skin-types and problems. The skin care market can be tough place to navigate when looking for effective products to use on your body — especially your face. Becoming familiar with your own skin is one easy way to ensure you make the proper decision when it comes to skin care products for you.

There are numerous beauty products available on the market today that can help you both mask the symptoms and give you temporary relief from the lackluster dermal imperfections that you may be experiencing. Issues that may include discoloration, flakiness, liver spots, age spots, and general overall dullness. These beauty products are often derived from harsh chemical sources and are created to reflect light. Your skin might glow even in the harshest months of winter but the actual problem lies uncured below. And lets not forget that prolonged usage gives you clogged pores and wrinkles. Is that what you want? Or are you looking for more?

lumnaskin, a recent entrant product into the beauty world that addresses skin pigmentation, manufactured by Dermagevity Beauty Care, contains a unique mixture of high quality ingredients of natural origins. Unlike ordinary skin brighteners, Lumnaskin does not merely create an artificial glow on the epidermis. The powerful ingredients contained in Lumnaskin penetrate into the lower layers of the skin and create a natural glowing sheen from within giving it the radiance that is most sought after.

A product that works

Lumnaskin Amazed at the reported success stories of Lumnaskin users and critics alike (it's already being touted as the beauty product of the year), I decided that I needed to provide a detailed analysis on the product. Just to make sure that the product was deserving of all of the hype.

There are three key ingredients in lumnaskin potent proprietary "Tri-Dermal Time Released Technology" formula that illuminates, brightens and exfoliates your face simultaneously without a lapse in time.

  1. Biowhite: The most important ingredient in Lumnaskin, Biowhite is a skin whitener with legendary efficiency. A mixture of Mulberry, Saxifraga, Scutellaria, and Grape, Biowhite significantly reduces pigmentation and improves the luminosity and “whiteness” of skin. Unlike other skin lighteners like hydroquinone which have toxic and degenerative effects on skin cells, Biowhite is non-toxic to melanocytes (pigment producing skin cells) and fibroblasts (skin cells). It reduces melanin production and suppresses the activity of the amino acid tyrosinase which is an active contributor to skin pigmentation.
  2. Gigawhite: Gigawhite, the second key ingredient is a skin whitener of botanical origin from the Swiss Alps that has a documented effect of 5% in reducing age spots and hyper pigmentation. It is a mixture of 7 concentrated plant extracts and has been developed with the help of in-vitro assays, human cell cultures and a skin model with barrier effect. It is also effective in reducing the color and size of age spots.
  3. Hyaluronic acid: Nicknamed by the media as ‘the key to the fountain of youth’, Hyaluronic acid is a natural anti-ageing remedy. It has an ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water and helps in keeping the skin smooth and plump and thereby reduces the incidence of fine lines and wrinkles. It also aids the formation and maintenance of collagen, an important connective tissue that can improve skin tone and elasticity.

The many uses of Lumnaskin

From being used as an artificial illuminator to being used as a cure for myriad skin problems including pigmentation, dark spots, under eye bags and age spots, lumnaskin addresses a wide array of issues. It works equally well on both men and women and is ideal for all skin types irrespective of your ethnicity (Latin, Caucasian, African and Asian).

Within three or four weeks of using Lumnaskin, reported clinical effects have shown:

  1. A brighter complexion and more uniform skin tone
  2. Diminishing pigmented areas
  3. An improvement in the firmness and smoothness on the skin surface
  4. Reduction in the size and color of age spots
  5. Less fine lines and wrinkles

Just like shopping for any product, it’s important to know what you’re looking for before you complete an impulsive purchase. By considering all these factors mentioned above, you will find that lumnaskin clearly stands out and that it will provide you with optimum safe results that will effectively address your individual dermatological needs.

Available at or search for more information about Lumnaskin on Google below